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When you have oral surgery, there is a long list of do’s and don’ts. You want to watch out for anything that might happen in the coming days after surgery. By being prepared and planning for everything you have to do, you can have a nicely healed area. However, you should know the signs to watch out for with an oral surgery infection that might occur. By knowing the signs, you can feel much more confident having the procedure done and being informed.

Signs of an Oral Surgery Infection

Watch out for these signs after you have had oral surgery. They might indicate a bigger problem that is occurring in the mouth.

  • Throbbing, stabbing pain in the jaw, neck or tooth area
  • Hot and cold sensitivity
  • Swollen neck lymph nodes
  • Fever
  • Swelling in the face
  • Confusion and fatigue
  • Pain that is becoming worse

It is important that you follow the aftercare instructions that are provided to you from the dentist. These can reduce the chances of having an infection happen. If you do think you may have an infection after oral surgery, it is extremely important to speak with your dental provider.

Some patients may receive not only a painkiller, but also an antibiotic after surgery to reduce the chances of having an infection happen. It is important to take both of these medication as prescribed by the dentist.

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When the time comes to check into the oral surgery that you have had with a follow up, speak with the dentist regarding any issues you might have been experiencing. If you think you have an infection, give the best dentist in Concord a call. Here at Weddington Dentistry in Concord, NC, we can provide the best dental care to ensure that you’re on the road to recovery.

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