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Got a Cold Sore? Here’s How to Treat It Quickly Ugh. A cold sore appears a couple days before a party where you’ll be photographed as much as the Royal Couple. That smile that we’ve been working on together just went from hero to zero, right? Not necessarily. Finding which cold sore treatment works best for you can help speed along its healing. And that’s why we’re here. Maybe It Isn’t a Cold Sore, Right? Let’s clear the air about what a cold sore is and isn’t.

Cold sores are contagious blisters that usually appear on your lips or around your mouth. Caused by a virus, cold sores usually start with a tingling sensation, evolve into numerous tiny, painful blisters, and later crust over. Canker sores, on the other hand, aren’t contagious, but they still sting. Unlike cold sores, they usually appear as white oval lesions inside your mouth, especially near or on your gums.

Remedies for Cold Sores

The key to treating a cold sore is acting fast. As soon as the first symptom appears, consider these steps to move the healing process along quickly:

  • Apply Ice to the Cold Sore At the first sign, grab an ice cube, wrap it in a paper towel, place it where you feel the cold sore coming on, and let it melt. Back-to-back applications can reduce the pain.
  • Switch to a Cold-Sore-Fighting Diet You can boost your immune system’s fight against this viral nuisance with the right foods. Fill your plate with cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, kale, and cauliflower, and avoid foods with arginine, a cold-sore-triggering amino acid found in nuts, chocolate, and oats.
  • Dial Down the Stress One of the most common causes of cold sores is, surprise, surprise, stress. Minimizing stress these days can get so complicated that it causes more stress, right? But try giving yourself some time for the restorative, restful activities that drop your heart rate and raise your smile.
  • Reach for Aloe Vera or Even an Over-The-Counter Cream Both natural and medicinal creams have shown promise as cold sore remedies. Some studies suggest that aloe vera can help the fever blister heal, and over-the-counter creams, like docosanol, also tout their ability to knock the sore out of cold sores. Prefer the medicinal route? Check with your healthcare provider or pharmacist before using it.
  • Relieve Pain with Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen Some cold sores can get really painful. For those intense ones, acetaminophen or iburprofen may provide well-needed relief. Just be sure that your healthcare provider’s on-board with that type of over-the-counter med.

There you have it. You’re on the fast track to treating that cold sore quickly and living your best life at the party. If you are experiencing regular cold sores or are unable to get your sores under control on your own, call our front desk to make an appointment so we can help with an individualized plan to treat cold sores!

It may not always seem like there are many options when it comes to finding healthy appetizers on that buffet spread at the office party or that family reunion this holiday season. Here at Weddington Dentistry, an amazing option here at home in Concord, North Carolina, we want to help. You may be surprised what snacks are actually good for your teeth and overall oral (or general) health. Take a second to think before reaching into that bowl of Chex Mix and look for a few other common appetizer options that may help you more in the long run.


Healthy Appetizers Don’t Have to be Boring

Many places will likely have most of the same options when it comes to appetizers, so there are some general rules of thumb to look for. One common option is chips and sauce of some kind. Tortilla chips and salsa, for example, may be a tantalizing option while you are standing around socializing. However, the acids from the sauce can wreak havoc over time and unless you carry a toothbrush with you, it can be hard to get out those little pieces of chip from between your teeth. These can lead to further issues. Bread based options like bread/spinach dip platters are okay options because they are soft and gentle on teeth while the dip is rich in calcium and other nutrients.

However, the best option is, without a doubt, fruit or veggie based options. The crunch/texture of veggies can actually help to clean your teeth a little. Plus, they are low in sugar, and they are nutrient-rich and filling. However, you aren’t limited to just veggie platters. While those are good too, look around. Unbuttered popcorn is good for your smile, for example, but definitely wouldn’t come on a platter. More than that, there are plenty of ways to dress up veggies to make them look and taste amazing. For example, you can try making buffalo cauliflower puffs instead of buying wings! You may be surprised what you find. More than anything, though, try to avoid mindlessly snacking on candies, cakes, or other sweets. These are not only bad for your teeth, but the rest of you as well.

We Can Help Here at Weddington Dentistry

Healthy appetizers can be fun for the whole family and are a much better alternative this holiday season. Whether you are at a party or hosting one, try to be conscious of what you can do to help yourself and those around you. If you are curious to learn more, call us at Weddington Dentistry. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Ironically, the same toothbrush one uses to maintain good dental hygiene is a receptacle for a host of viruses and bacteria that can either transmit illness to an individual or, in some cases, actually reinfect them. The next time the Concord NC dentist one sees for routine tooth cleanings and exams hands out that new toothbrush, patients can follow some simple steps to reduce the chance that germs are thriving on their brush.

Everyone wants that perfect smile, which is what makes teeth cleaning and good oral hygiene so critical. Poor hygiene may be embarrassing at best, and it can result in several dental and medical problems at worst, including infection, bone loss, strokes and more. Because of this, you'll want to keep these teeth cleaning and hygiene tips in mind:

Every home you visit on Thanksgiving Day has an assortment of food treats to tempt your taste buds, and if you are not careful, then you will develop a bad case of bad breath and dental decay. If you don’t have a routine general dentist, then now is the time to find one. Choosing a local dental office is the best way to keep your teeth healthy year-round, including during Thanksgiving. Everyone should have professional teeth cleaning twice a year to remove plaque that contains bacteria. This plaque collects between your teeth where it is difficult to remove with a toothbrush and dental floss, but a dental hygienist can remove the debris to prevent cavities and halitosis.

There are many people that need dental work done for one reason or another. However, a lot of people have negative thoughts about going to the dentist. Not only is it inconvenient, but there are times when it can be a painful experience for those that have not been in many years. Going to your local dentist office is one of the best things that you can do for your health. Here are several ways that regular visits to the dentist will help your oral hygiene.

Regular dental care is important for individuals of all ages. Even if you think your teeth are in good shape, it is still important to see a general dentist on a regular basis. Visits to your local dentist office are about much more than simply getting your teeth cleaned, although that is important, as well. Most people do not realize that regular dental checkups are just as important for early prevention and detection of gum disease as they are for oral hygiene.

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