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The Proper Care of Dental Bridges


Dental Bridges are a great option if you are missing a tooth and want to replace it to get that smile you always dreamed about. A dental bridge consists of a false tooth in between two or more crowns that is placed within your gap. At Weddington Family Dentistry, we have worked together to provide you with the information you need to help take the proper care of your new dental bridge. 

Dental bridges can be challenging to clean since you must clean both in between the teeth that support the bridge and underneath the bridge. Start by brushing your teeth twice a day, as well as soon after consuming any sugary drinks or food. To clean the plaque stuck on your teeth, it is recommended to floss twice a day just as you should between natural teeth. Many dental experts agree that with dental bridges it is also a good idea to add a water flosser into your routine in addition to regular string floss. Water flossers are very effective at removing larger amounts of the plaque that can get stuck between your teeth, and are therefore a great investment for maintaining proper care of dental bridges after they have been placed!

These steps are a great way to keep your bridge clean. Remember to make these actions habits, not just steps right after placement that are soon forgotten. In addition to these cleaning habits, which you perform at home, you also need to continue coming in for regular professional cleanings with us! 

If you have any further questions about proper care of dental bridges, do not hesitate to contact our front desk team at Weddington Family Dentistry today! A member of our amazing staff will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and help set up your next appointment. During your appointment we can provide a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health and immediately determine whether you are a good candidate for dental bridges. Call us at 704-782-2630 or use our easy online scheduler to book your evaluation with us!

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