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Bony Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are making a wave through the world these days. With a way to have your teeth back, but not have a need to remove them each night, this is something that was once unheard of. You usually had to deal with the dentures slipping out and not being able to go back in or sit correctly. Dental implants are currently making a change. Being put in by the best dentists in Concord, NC, you can expect to have a healthier smile with many bony benefits.


Jawbone Benefits with Dental Implants

The benefits that people usually think about are those that come with having a smile that looks normal once again. You’re not missing teeth and you’re not having to worry about not being able to smile without your teeth slipping out and falling. Slipping dentures won’t give confidence to anyone.

In fact, a lot of the benefits that you get with dental implants come from the jawbone. When you place an implant in the bone, it provides a way for the bone to stay intact. This means the bone will not break down with time. Additionally, it can keep the jaw healthier throughout the area. After teeth are lost, this can cause breakdown of the jaw bone, which is prevented when something is able to sit in the place of the tooth.


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