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Consider Getting Dental Sealants from Our Concord Dentist

Preventative dentistry is a subdivision of dentistry that focuses on preventing certain conditions from occurring. A person may visit a local dentist and request preventative dentistry services for a wide variety of reasons. The most common reason that a person would ask for such a service is to prevent the development of cavities. Dental sealants can help to place a layer of protection on the teeth so that the dental patient does not develop cavities. A cosmetic dentist is a specialist that can perform the procedure for the person.

What Are Sealants, and How Do They Work?

Dental sealants are made of plastic, and a dentist places them in between the grooves of the teeth and wherever the patient is most likely to develop cavities. They work by providing a layer of protection over the enamel. The layer of protection is like a shield that blocks the “ugly substances” from getting into the cracks and crevices of the teeth. Dentists usually recommend that sealants be put on the permanent molars. A person can protect the teeth best by having the molars placed on the teeth shortly after they erupt. The best line of defense is one that occurs before a tooth gets an opportunity to develop decay.

What is the Sealant Process?

The first thing that a dentist will do before placing sealants is schedule a consultation. During the consultation, the cosmetic specialist will talk to the patient about the sealants. The process of having sealants placed is quite simple since no drilling is necessary. The dentist will first clean the tooth thoroughly. Next, he or she will give the patient a gel to chew that prepares the teeth for the sealant. Once the teeth dry, the dentist can then paint the sealant onto them. The dentist might try to speed up the process by using light that will harden the sealant as it touches it. Sealants can last a person up to 10 years and provide protection of the duration.

Scheduling an Appointment

The sealant placement process is one of the quickest dental processes that one can receive. An interested person can schedule an appointment to speak with a specialist about everything that entails the procedure. The cosmetic dentist will discuss the pricing options, as well. The prospective customer can agree to have sealants placed if the procedure is in a price range that works.

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