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General Dentists Want Patients to be Engaged with Oral Health Initiatives

Oral health promotion and education is the ultimate goal of dental professionals. Through various means of communication, the general dentists encourage their patients to change any detrimental habits and retain their dentition in optimal health.

How the Patient’s Interest in Better Oral Health is Stimulated

Many oral habits are formed at an early age and may be challenging to alter. A general dentist plays a vital role in educating the patients on the importance of proper oral health maintenance as it is closely related to the wellbeing of other parts of the body.
The counseling process begins with the patient’s very first visit to the dentist and is continued throughout the length of the patient-doctor relationship. Dental exams become regularly scheduled events during which the client is continuously educated about the daily regimens at home as well as new advancements in technology that pertain to oral care.

One o the most important factors in patient education is nutritional counseling consisting of routine review of the dietary habits and lifestyle changes. The patient is motivated to modify their caries-promoting habits by praise from the dental providers and support offered by the entire dental team. A local dentist office should serve as a safe place for the patient to obtain the information and receive assistance when needed in a comfortable, non-threatening manner.

How is the Process of Changing Poor Oral Habits Accomplished

The dentist makes every effort to help the patient understand the necessity of maintaining positive oral flora and becoming accustomed to correct home care regimen. In the initial stages of the treatment, many patients often do not realize they may unconsciously adhere to improper habits leading to oral health issues. During dental exams, a full set of X-rays is taken to aid the patient visualize the impact of poor oral care. During this stage of dental therapy, the clients are made aware that healthy mouth is possible, and it is within their power to make any necessary modifications.

The following step of counseling encompasses a clear plan to alter the food choices and alleviate any negative behaviors such as smoking or excessive alcohol drinking. The patient is advised to fluctuate towards sugar-free diets and proper methods of daily tooth brushing, flossing and antiseptic rinsing are introduced. The dentist’s recommendations may include environmental changes including the removal of all unhealthy food choices from the patient’s home and preparing the patient to take action. Once the patient implements the action stage, it will be important to maintain the momentum until new habits are formed, accepted and routinely followed through.

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