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10 FAQs Our Concord Dentist Receives from Patients

These are the general dentistry questions most often received from patients at this Concord dentist practice.

Question 1: What is a good age to begin bringing a child to regular appointments?
Parents should start taking children for local dentist office visits around three years of age.

Question 2: How can adults reduce a young child’s dental-appointment anxiety?
Children who fear medical visits can be put at ease by parents who prepare them for visits well in advance. Talk about dentistry visits in a fun tone.

Question 3: How can adults manage personal anxiousness about dental appointments?
Dental anxiety is also normal in adults. Try deep-breathing exercises in the waiting room after checking in for an appointment.

Question 4: What is a dental sealant?
Children typically struggle to reach all their teeth when they brush. These plastic coatings can be applied to a child’s back teeth for protection through the early-adolescent years.

Question 5: What causes morning breath?
That foul taste and smell one finds upon waking after a good night’s sleep is quite normal. Do not worry about it. The cause is reduced saliva production during sleep.

Question 6: How frequently should a patient get dental X-rays?
Most people only need dental X-rays annually. This practice’s expert Concord dentist says some conditions require more-frequent imaging.

Question 7: What is the best way to deal with bleeding gums?
Gums may bleed as a result of periodontal disease. Continue regular brushing and flossing, and schedule an appointment for a gum-line check.

Question 8: How does one relieve a toothache?
First, make a dental appointment. Next, apply ice wrapped in a cloth to the cheek area nearest the toothache, and take over-the-count pain medication.

Question 9: Is a shattered tooth an emergency?
While treatment for this type of case is not routine, general dentistry, it is not usually an emergency. Teeth can break or shatter with time and decay. Though such a fact is not desirable, it does happen. A tooth that shatters at night can be safely repaired the following day. Patients may need to take over-the-counter pain medication in the interim.

Question 10: What is the best way to whiten one’s teeth?
This local dentist office recommends professional whitening treatments. The best way to safely whiten teeth is to have it done by the hands of a general dentistry professional.

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