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You Will Never Guess How Often Our Concord Dentist Recommends for Receiving Dental X-Rays

In the past, people thought dental x-rays were harmful because they had a lot of radiation. Fortunately, steps have been made to make x-rays safer. A Concord general dentist can use Kodak Digital Photography uses 50 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays.

It is much easier to correct dental problems before they become serious. Dental x-rays allow dentists to detect problems early. X-rays can correct problems before a dentist notices them. Detecting problems benefits patients in many ways. This can help patients avoid the inconvenience that comes along with sitting in a chair for a long time. It can also help prevent them from needing to sit in a dental chair for a long period of time. Furthermore, early detection via x-rays helps people avoid the discomfort that comes along with a worsening dental condition.

What Can A Dental X-Ray Show A Concord General Dentist?

X-rays should be a regular part of a dental exam and checkup because they can detect a variety of things. Below are some examples of things that can be detected with a dental x-ray:

  • Infections around the bone or tooth root
  • Bone loss, which could be an indication of gum disease
  • Decay that occurs below the gum line This can be spotted and detected before it becomes a major problem.
  • X-rays help doctors prepare for dentures, braces, dental implants and dental procedures
  • Detect tumors and cysts. It can much longer to detect these conditions without x-rays

Dental X-Rays And Children

X-rays should also be a part of a child’s dental exam and checkup. Below are some of the ways children can benefit:

  • Help detect tooth decay
  • Make sure there is enough room for the permanent teeth to erupt
  • Check for permanent teeth development

The overall dental health of the patient is one of the factors that determines how often people need to get x-rays. People who have had dental problems in the past may need to get an x-ray once or twice a year. New patients will most likely get an x-ray during their first dental visit. Additionally, people who drink a lot of sugary beverages or smoke may also be required to get more x-rays.