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Why Do Kids’ Teeth Fall Out?

Every child looks forward to a visit from the tooth fairy, but losing teeth can also be an anxious time in any child’s life. Many children are afraid the process will be painful, which means it’s important for parents to have a discussion with their child and assure him or her that everything will be alright and new teeth will come in.

Of course, this often raises an important question among children and adults alike: why do kids’ teeth fall out at all? This is a question parents often ask our Concord dentist office. While it may not make sense, there are actually several good reasons for humans to have primary teeth.

The Purpose of Primary Teeth
Baby teeth, also known as deciduous or primary teeth, do far more than give kids a beautiful smile. Primary teeth help toddler’s lean to speak and chew food, and they serve as “practice” teeth. While it’s very important to keep baby teeth healthy and avoid decay by visiting a dentist in Concord regularly, they do help children learn good oral hygiene.

There is also a good reason that children typically begin losing primary teeth between 6 and 7. It’s around this time that a child’s jaw bone reaches its mature size. Before the age of 6, the jaw is too small to accommodate the larger permanent teeth.

As a child grows, the roots of the primary teeth slowly dissolve, which causes the teeth to become lose and fall out. At the same time, the permanent teeth begin to push upward. It’s the baby teeth that also give space for the adult teeth to come in. The primary teeth work to guide the permanent teeth into the proper position in the jaw.

While baby teeth begin falling out as soon as four years of age, they’re still an important part of development. It’s important to keep a child’s primary teeth clean to avoid decay and potential issues with the permanent teeth that will follow them. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends children have their first dental appointment by the age of one or within six months of their first birthday. It’s also important to visit a dentist in Concord if the primary teeth are falling out before the age of four. Schedule an appointment with our Concord dentist office and learn more about the importance of pediatric dentistry.