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Gum recession is something that so many worry about. They want to know what to expect next and how this is going to change their everyday lives. When it comes to after gum recession, know what to expect through the help of professionals here at Weddington Dentistry, a top rated Concord dentist. We can provide more insight on gum recession and what the next steps are in order to keep a healthy, happy smile.


What to Expect After Gum Recession

Being referred to a periodontist, which is a gum specialist, can provide you with a lot of options regarding the receding gums that you have. Generally a gum graft or gingival graft is done. This helps stop the receding of the gums and provide a better platform for them to be in.

This is a simple surgical procedure, but it can ensure that the gums in the mouth are healthy and continue to hold your teeth in place. It is also non-invasive and causes minimal discomfort during and after the procedure has been done.

If you do not see a professional regarding receding gums, the teeth will not have anything to stay in the mouth with. This will cause them to fall out. This is not something that anyone wants. When the condition is left untreated, it can cause tooth loss and the need for dentures to be placed.


Speak with a Professional Today

Call us here at Weddington Dentistry in Concord, North Carolina. We can help you to find out what type of help you need. You don’t need to live with receding gums. We have plenty of options to help get your teeth and gums in the best shape possible after gum recession. Everyone deserves a happy, healthy smile and we are here to provide them with just that and so much more.

Your wedding is right around the corner. You've been dreaming of it, planning for it, preparing for it. From the dress to your hair to your smile, it's important to look perfect. And for you, part of looking perfect may mean checking out a cosmetic dentist in Concord for some teeth whitening. After all, many of the photos of you and your spouse will be up close and personal. Short of putting your face on a billboard, there will be few occasions where your face and your smile will get the kind of scrutiny. If you're considering having this procedure done before your big day, here are some things to think about.

Teeth whitening used to be only in the domain of movie stars and their glamorous white smiles, but due to recent demand by the average person, teeth whitening is now a very popular cosmetic procedure. Your teeth get exposed to a variety of foods, drinks, and other substances that stain them, and you've probably noticed that your teeth have a yellow tinge to them. The teeth whitening solutions available at Concord Cosmetic Dentist could be the answer for you. They are safe, effective, and can really enhance your appearance.

There are many benefits of having white teeth. From being able to make that dynamic first impression to feeling more confident, a set of perfectly pearly whites can do wonders for just about anyone. However, not everyone has a set of shining white teeth. That's where teeth whitening comes in. Visiting a reputable teeth whitening dentist can help set you and your family on the path to obtaining the bright white smile you have always dreamed of. Here is how teeth whitening can benefit you and your family.

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