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I Want To Whiten My Teeth, But Is It Really Safe?

Teeth whitening used to be only in the domain of movie stars and their glamorous white smiles, but due to recent demand by the average person, teeth whitening is now a very popular cosmetic procedure. Your teeth get exposed to a variety of foods, drinks, and other substances that stain them, and you’ve probably noticed that your teeth have a yellow tinge to them. The teeth whitening solutions available at Concord Cosmetic Dentist could be the answer for you. They are safe, effective, and can really enhance your appearance.

Common Causes of Yellow Teeth

There are plenty of culprits for creating stains on your teeth. The most common reasons are:

  • Dark liquids such as coffee, tea, and wine
  • Tobacco: smoking tobacco and chewing tobacco
  • Poor brushing can lead to tarter build up and staining
  • Too much fluoride as a child
  • Tooth Trauma: If you have had some sort of accident affecting your tooth, it may die and become discolored.

Whatever the cause of your yellow teeth, teeth whitening solutions are available to help you regain the original color of your teeth.

Is Whitening Safe?

Teeth whitening is completely safe. You will spend about an hour in the dental chair and the whitening gel is administered by a dental professional. Your gums are protected by a rubber dam, so there is no damage to the gum line. You can also ask your dentist at Concord Cosmetic Dentist about teeth whitening kits that you can do at home. This method is also safe as long as you follow the directions.

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