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Our Concord Dentist Explains the Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Have you ever wondered about the advantages of professional teeth whitening? Our Concord dentist can answer all of your most important questions. It’s important that dental patients think critically about the type of dental care they would like to have. Each type of care has its own benefits. You could choose to care for your own teeth at home. You’ll often spend less money than you would at a dentist. But the cost shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying the benefits of a professional job. All you have to do is find a dentist you can trust. Consider these benefits of professional...

The Truth About Wisdom Teeth Removal from Our Concord Dentist

Wisdom teeth are those pesky teeth way in the back of the mouth that sometimes give people everything but wisdom. They are the third molars, and they are the most difficult teeth to clean. Aside from their awkward placement, wisdom teeth also like to grow in improperly. They sometimes refuse to emerge, causing a person to have to deal with impaction, pain and inconvenience. The following is some information about wisdom tooth extraction. Why Dentists Remove Wisdom Teeth A dentist may remove a person’s wisdom teeth for various reasons. The main reason that some dentists extract wisdom teeth is...

Concord Cosmetic Dentist Shares 3 Top Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a huge aspect of cosmetic dentistry. Dentists perform teeth whitening services to people for a wide variety of situations. Sometimes the teeth develop stains because of cigarette smoking, coffee drinking, medications and more. Some people have genetic dispositions to developing stains on their teeth. A quick whitening session can combat any of those circumstances, and it can benefit the patient in the following three ways: Whitening Can Increase Your Self-Esteem Whitening can be a part of preventative dentistry, which is a field that works to prevent negative conditions from...