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Improved Dental Technology Can Lessen Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is something seen all too often at Weddington Dentistry. They know that sometimes patients can become anxious and scared to visit. Perhaps they felt uncomfortable with their previous dentist or were hurt in the past. This can then cause the anxiety when visiting any dentist. Through the use of technology, the procedures performed can be done to reduce the anxiety and fear in patients. Find out more about these advancements.   Dental Anxiety Can Be a Thing of the Past With the latest and greatest in dental procedures, you can feel more confident and comfortable visiting the dentist....

What Is Root Canal Treatment, Its Symptoms & Benefits?

Root canal therapy, also referred to as endodontic therapy, involves removal of nerve chamber of a tooth or the bacteria infection within the pulp. You may require Root canal treatment in a wide range of dental conditions including deep tooth decay, trauma, or even chipping to tooth. It helps in eliminating the root cause of pain and makes the tooth usable. There are many benefits of Root canal treatment. Most importantly, it helps in preserving your tooth. We at Weddington Family Dentistry provide root canal therapy within the comfortable and safe setting of our dental office. We have well-qualified...

Our Concord Dentist Explains the Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

Have you ever wondered about the advantages of professional teeth whitening? Our Concord dentist can answer all of your most important questions. It’s important that dental patients think critically about the type of dental care they would like to have. Each type of care has its own benefits. You could choose to care for your own teeth at home. You’ll often spend less money than you would at a dentist. But the cost shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying the benefits of a professional job. All you have to do is find a dentist you can trust. Consider these benefits of professional...

Welcome to Our New Website & Dental Blog!

Thank you for stopping by to check out our brand new website and dental blog. We have built this website with our patients and potential new patients in mind to be able to easily find information about the dentistry services we provide for your whole family. Our blog will be refreshed with great, informational content on a regular basis, so we do hope you’ll check back often and keep Weddington Family Dentistry at the top of your mind when needing dental work or a checkup. From all of us here at Weddington Family Dentistry, we hope you have a wonderful day and also hope to see you soon!