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Our Concord Dentist Tells You How to Get Rid of Bad Breath for Good

Bad breath can linger much longer than you think. You can tell that your breath smells bad in the morning. You can taste it. Your mouth was dry all night because you didn’t have a constant supply of saliva to wash the bacteria away. That’s why chewing gum can make your breath smell better even if you didn’t brush your teeth that day. But these tips to stop bad breath from the general dentist can help you get rid of bad breath for good. Get Checkups Twice Per Year Don’t skip out on your dentist in Concord just because you fear going to the dentist. Your bad breath may be...

The Truth About Wisdom Teeth Removal from Our Concord Dentist

Wisdom teeth are those pesky teeth way in the back of the mouth that sometimes give people everything but wisdom. They are the third molars, and they are the most difficult teeth to clean. Aside from their awkward placement, wisdom teeth also like to grow in improperly. They sometimes refuse to emerge, causing a person to have to deal with impaction, pain and inconvenience. The following is some information about wisdom tooth extraction. Why Dentists Remove Wisdom Teeth A dentist may remove a person’s wisdom teeth for various reasons. The main reason that some dentists extract wisdom teeth is...

You Will Never Guess How Often Our Concord Dentist Recommends for Receiving Dental X-Rays

In the past, people thought dental x-rays were harmful because they had a lot of radiation. Fortunately, steps have been made to make x-rays safer. A Concord general dentist can use Kodak Digital Photography uses 50 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays. It is much easier to correct dental problems before they become serious. Dental x-rays allow dentists to detect problems early. X-rays can correct problems before a dentist notices them. Detecting problems benefits patients in many ways. This can help patients avoid the inconvenience that comes along with sitting in a chair for a long...

Concord Dentist Explains the Importance of Family Dentistry Services

A dentist who specializes in family dentistry is able to see patients of all ages. A family dentist in Concord knows that children and adults have different oral hygiene needs. These dentists also know how to care for both permanent and baby teeth. Life today is extremely busy. Families are busy with work, school and home life. That is why many people struggle to find time for the dentist. Family dentistry makes things a lot more convenient for people. The whole family will be able to see the same dentist. A family dentist in Concord will help you save both time and money. There are a variety of...

10 FAQs Our Concord Dentist Receives from Patients

These are the general dentistry questions most often received from patients at this Concord dentist practice. Question 1: What is a good age to begin bringing a child to regular appointments? Parents should start taking children for local dentist office visits around three years of age. Question 2: How can adults reduce a young child’s dental-appointment anxiety? Children who fear medical visits can be put at ease by parents who prepare them for visits well in advance. Talk about dentistry visits in a fun tone. Question 3: How can adults manage personal anxiousness about dental appointments? Dental...