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Did You Know Your Toothbrush Holds Germs?

Ironically, the same toothbrush one uses to maintain good dental hygiene is a receptacle for a host of viruses and bacteria that can either transmit illness to an individual or, in some cases, actually reinfect them. The next time the Concord NC dentist one sees for routine tooth cleanings and exams hands out that new toothbrush, patients can follow some simple steps to reduce the chance that germs are thriving on their brush. Know the Real Risk of Infection from a Toothbrush Yes, toothbrushes harbor a variety of germs, from the simple cold virus to E. coli and staphylococci bacteria. However,...

Concord Dentist Shares 6 Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

Everyone wants that perfect smile, which is what makes teeth cleaning and good oral hygiene so critical. Poor hygiene may be embarrassing at best, and it can result in several dental and medical problems at worst, including infection, bone loss, strokes and more. Because of this, you’ll want to keep these teeth cleaning and hygiene tips in mind: 1. Always brush well Naturally, one of the easiest things you can to maintain quality oral hygiene is to regularly brush your teeth. Be sure to clean the inside and outside of the rows of teeth using up-and-down, back-and-forth motions. Finally, don’t...

5 Lesser-Known Dental Hygiene Tips from Our Concord NC Dentist

When it comes to oral hygiene, most of us learned to brush and floss down at the local dentist office when we were children. While brushing and flossing daily are both important aspects of good hygiene, there are other habits you can adopt to really impress at your dental exams. 1.) Brush Morning and Night Plaque and mouth bacteria are most active at night, when your saliva nearly stops flowing and your mouth gets dry. Brush before bed to clean off your teeth, then brush again in the morning to clean up all the bacterial activity from overnight. If you only brush twice a day, these are the best...

Several Tips in How to Select a Great Local Concord General Dentist

Overview Going to the dentist is an experience that many children do not enjoy. A children’s dentist can be a scary place for a young child. However, children should be going to the dentist twice a year in order to increase their levels of oral health. It is important to develop dental hygiene at an early age in children. Here are several tips for parents on choosing a local dentist office for your children. Quality of Care The quality of care that a child receives at the local dentist office should be the biggest criteria for choosing which office to work with. There are many dentists to...

Our Concord General Dentist Highlights the Importance of Seeing Your Dentist 2x Per Year

Regular dental care is important for individuals of all ages. Even if you think your teeth are in good shape, it is still important to see a general dentist on a regular basis. Visits to your local dentist office are about much more than simply getting your teeth cleaned, although that is important, as well. Most people do not realize that regular dental checkups are just as important for early prevention and detection of gum disease as they are for oral hygiene. During a regular checkup, your general dentist will perform dental exams, including take X-rays, in order to spot any possible signs...

You Will Never Guess How Often Our Concord Dentist Recommends for Receiving Dental X-Rays

In the past, people thought dental x-rays were harmful because they had a lot of radiation. Fortunately, steps have been made to make x-rays safer. A Concord general dentist can use Kodak Digital Photography uses 50 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays. It is much easier to correct dental problems before they become serious. Dental x-rays allow dentists to detect problems early. X-rays can correct problems before a dentist notices them. Detecting problems benefits patients in many ways. This can help patients avoid the inconvenience that comes along with sitting in a chair for a long...