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Considering A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is essentially a metal tooth root that’s anchored into the jaw bone. It becomes the base for fitting the tooth/ bridge. While bridges are also used to fill in gaps created by missing teeth; implants are different in that they don’t rely on the adjacent teeth for support. In addition, they are stable and permanent. Implants are the best solution for tooth loss and they also feel and look like natural teeth. Dental implants – the procedure The titanium root is implanted in the bone It is given time to bond with the bone Once the area has completely healed, the prosthetic tooth...

Services You Can Get From Our Concord Cosmetic Dentist

A cosmetic dentist is a professional who helps improve a patient’s dental health by maintaining and creating aesthetic function and balance of the teeth. There are many services you can get from a cosmetic dentist. Below is an example of some of those services: Bleaching  Bleaching is one of the simplest treatments that can be used to improve the smile. It helps remove stains that accumulate on the teeth. Discoloration can be caused by tea, coffee, cigarettes and certain medications. Bleaching can be performed at home or in the dental office. If you choose to do the bleaching treatment at...