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Our Concord Family Dentist Lets You Know the Best Time to Floss

Our dentists prefer our patients to practice good oral hygiene between office visits. Part of that process includes flossing, which is the process of cleaning between the teeth to remove food and debris from the areas that are hard to reach with a toothbrush. When food is allowed to remain between the teeth, it provides a breeding ground for bacteria, which can cause periodontal disease. Should You Floss Before or After Brushing? You can floss either before or after brushing, according to your own preference. By flossing first, you can brush dislodged food debris afterward. On the other hand, brushing...

Concord Dentist Explains the Importance of Family Dentistry Services

A dentist who specializes in family dentistry is able to see patients of all ages. A family dentist in Concord knows that children and adults have different oral hygiene needs. These dentists also know how to care for both permanent and baby teeth. Life today is extremely busy. Families are busy with work, school and home life. That is why many people struggle to find time for the dentist. Family dentistry makes things a lot more convenient for people. The whole family will be able to see the same dentist. A family dentist in Concord will help you save both time and money. There are a variety of...