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What Your Dentist Looks for During a Dental Exam


When you come in to our office for a cleaning and dental exam, we do a lot more than just scrape your teeth and poke at your gum tissue. In fact, we do a lot of preventive checking in order to identify potential issues down the road.

At Weddington Dentistry, we take the health of our patients very seriously. We want you to know exactly what happens when you come in to see us, and how it helps you stay healthy.

Tooth Issues Can Be Spotted During a Dental Exam

What Your Dentist Looks for During a Dental ExamFirst, of course, we look at your teeth. We check to see if you have any trouble spots in terms of decay that could indicate a deficiency in your oral hygiene technique. If we find something, we train you on how to correct it.

But looking at your teeth is not limited to checking for decay. We make sure to look around carefully to see if you have damaged anything. Sometimes you can crack a tooth from biting the wrong way on food, and you may not even know it until the problem has progressed. If we catch a minor crack or fracture early enough, we can get it repaired before it leads to further damage to the tooth.

We also closely examine the wear patterns on your teeth. This can tell us if there is a problem such as an uneven bite, bruxism (grinding your teeth while you sleep) or more. Depending on what we find, we may recommend using a mouth guard while you sleep or some other corrective measure.

Soft Tissue Issues

In addition to looking at your teeth, we carefully examine your gum tissue to see if there are any indications of trouble. Potential issues that we can catch early include gum cancer, gum disease, and other conditions. Most soft tissue problems, if caught early enough, are highly treatable.

At Weddington Dentistry we care about you, and about your oral health. Come see us today!

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