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Our Concord Dentist Tells You How to Get Rid of Bad Breath for Good

Bad breath can linger much longer than you think. You can tell that your breath smells bad in the morning. You can taste it. Your mouth was dry all night because you didn’t have a constant supply of saliva to wash the bacteria away. That’s why chewing gum can make your breath smell better even if you didn’t brush your teeth that day. But these tips to stop bad breath from the general dentist can help you get rid of bad breath for good.

Get Checkups Twice Per Year

Don’t skip out on your dentist in Concord just because you fear going to the dentist. Your bad breath may be caused by a more serious problem that you won’t know unless the dentist examines your mouth. You could have the beginnings of gum disease without even realizing it. Infected teeth cause a lot of odors to form in your mouth. Your dentist will clean your mouth thoroughly and check to see if you are healthy.

Don’t Neglect Your Tongue

Another one of the best tips to stop bad breath is using a tongue scraper. The tongue accumulates a lot of bacteria after you eat. This is especially true for the back of the mouth. A lot of people do good jobs when they brush and floss, but they forget to take care of their tongue. The bacteria can quickly cause odor to come out of your mouth whether you realize it or not. You could also try gargling some water and spitting it out after meals and snacks to remove bacteria from your tongue.

Clean Up Your Diet

Processed sugars don’t just cause plaque to build up on your teeth. They also break down into tiny bits that bacteria love to feed on. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are better for your teeth because they don’t contain artificial chemicals and sweeteners. A general dentist recommends that you stay away from soda. It has far too much sugar for a healthy mouth let alone a healthy body. A better diet will help your overall health in addition to your dental health.

You can eliminate bad breath for good with these tips. Our dentist in Concord can give you more specific information if you need it. You can seek treatment if you believe the cause of your bad breath is something more serious. The road to a healthier mouth and better breath starts today.

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